The church is many different things to different people and the Wolds Gateway Group of Churches endeavour to meet those needs and expectations.

Pastoral Care

In addition to what you might consider the ‘usual’ of:

We also provide a range of other Pastoral Care to the community such as:

  • We offer a simple service of Holy Communion at Home for anyone who is sick or housebound, and in residential care homes.

    There is no charge for this service.

    Please contact the Rector or one of the churchwardens for more information.

  • Couples seek a blessing on their marriage for various reasons: following a civil wedding, following a marriage overseas, following a reconciliation after a period of estrangement, after losing rings or buying new ones, and for many other reasons besides. We will happily work with you to design a service appropriate to your needs.

    Some couples want to invite a big crowd and create a celebration which is virtually indistinguishable from a wedding, with bells and organ and pageantry. Others want a quiet ceremony with a few friends, or indeed private prayers with the priest alone.

    The fees for blessing a marriage reflect the scale of the event, ranging from nil to the same cost as a wedding.

    Please contact the Rector or one of the churchwardens for more information.

  • The Bishop holds a Confirmation service in our area annually.

    Confirmation courses are held for young people and for adults during the weeks leading up to the service.

    Enquiries for Confirmation and next available courses should be made to the Rector.

  • This special service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child is an opportunity to thank God for your child and pray for God’s blessing on the child. The service does not include any of the promises made in the baptism service.

    Please contact the Rector direct if you wish to consider this.

  • We are happy to offer a service of blessing a house. This is a simple service of prayer for the peace of Christ to be present and guard over the house and all who live there. It is particularly suitable after moving in or after a disturbance or upset.

    There is no charge for this service.

    Please contact the Rector or one of the churchwardens for more information.

  • All our churches, except Laceby, have open churchyards and welcome enquiries for burials and burial of ashes where the deceased resided in the parish or had some other qualifying connection.

    Memorials – There are strict rules governing the erection of any monument in a churchyard, the insertion of any inscription on a monument, or the positioning of any other artefact on a grave. These rules exist because there is limited space available, because the churchyard is accessible to all members of the community, because of upkeep and maintenance requirements and for reasons of good taste and Christian teaching.

    The permission of the Rector should be obtained through your monumental mason before any monument is commissioned. (An ‘Application for Permission to Introduce a Monument into a Churchyard’ form will be supplied by your monumental mason)

    Fees – Fees for burials and for the introduction of a memorial or addition of an inscription are nationally set and annually revised. The latest fee chart may be found at Church of England Guidance – Funerals – Fees

  • Most of our churchyards have designated areas for the interment of ashes. In addition it is possible for ashes to be buried in an existing grave.

    All the general notes on burial in our churchyards apply in the case of burial of ashes.

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